Wontanara Drum & Dance

West African Drum and Dance in Victoria BC
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About Wontanara Drum & Dance

Who We Are

  Wontanara Drum & Dance is a Victoria, BC, based performance troupe and African dance school founded by Guinean Master Dancer and choreographer Mohamed Andre Duranteau. This dynamic group specializes in sharing and teaching traditional dances, rhythms and songs originating from Guinea, West Africa.

Wontanara, which means “We are united” or “Come together” in the Susu language of Guinea is a true definition of the spirit of West African Drum & Dance culture and the driving force that makes Wontanara an unforgettable experience!

Our Story

Wontanara Drum & Dance burst onto the scene in the Spring of 2008 with infectious enthusiasm as they spread their passion for West African arts and culture throughout the Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands communities. Wontanara has performed for a diverse audience at over 100 shows, fundraising events, and festivals in and around Vancouver Island since the spring of 2008 and has taught numerous West African dance and drum classes, and workshops in recreation centers, schools, and for special events. Wontanara has also had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage with special guests, who over the years have included djembe masters Sekou “Dico” Sylla, Manimou Camara, Alseny Diallo, Kocassale Dioubate, balafonist Naby Camara, and dancers N’nato Camara and Kesseke Yeo.

Our Values

Wontanara prides itself in having the opportunity to positively impact adults, children, families, and senior citizens by providing quality performances, classes and workshops that enhance education, health, and well-being. Through these artistic and educational outlets Wontanara is able to raise awareness of cultural diversity and acceptance, and build a strong community through sharing the traditional arts and culture of Guinea, West Africa..

Our Mission

 Wontanara Drum & Dance is committed to honoring the cultural richness and diversity of West Africa through the dynamic presentation of traditional drum and dance performances, workshops and classes. Wontanara Drum & Dance educates, empowers and inspires its students and audiences with their passion and knowledge of this ancient yet youthful art form.