Wontanara Drum & Dance

West African Drum and Dance in Victoria BC
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Mohamed Andre Duranteau

Title: Founder-Artisitc Director-Choreographer-Dancer & Musician

Ever since he was a young chid growing up in rural Guinea, West Africa, Andre Duranteau dreamt of becoming a great performing artist. Andre began to pursue this dream at the young age of 15 when he moved to the capitol, Conakry to join his first ballet " L'Ensemble Instrumentale de Kakimbo" Here, Andre developed his skills as a singer, drummer and dancer, travelling and performing around the country until 1996 when he moved on to join "Le Ballet Taille", with whom he worked with until his arrival to Canada in 2007.

In 1997 Andre participated in a national annual competition, "Festi Kalum", where his ballet received a nationally accredited diploma. In 2004 "Le Ballet Taille" took part in "La Tour Federale," a governement funded collaborative project bringing together 10 different established ballets from Guinea. In 2005, Andre was officially named Lead dancer of the "Ballet Taille".

Since 2002 Andre has also been a member of other ballets, such as the Sierra Lione ballet, "Le Ballet Kali", where he has just recently been promoted to stage director. It is with this ballet that Andre performed at various festivals, collaborated with Guinean and French children at "Le Jardin de l"enfance", and performanced at government sponsored concerts at the "Centre Culturel de la Guinee".

In 2003 Andre learned new forms of dance working with "Le Ballet Aklusso de Grand Bassam", a more contemporary style ballet from the Ivory Coast. With this troupe Andre performed at "Le Festivale Sesta Salg," a large festival representing ballets and performance troupes from all over Africa.

Having over ten years experience teaching dance to people from around the globe, including, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, and Italy, Andre "Mohamed" Duranteau has rightfully earned master title, as well as the respect of the people in his Guinean and Canadian community, both young and old.