Wontanara Drum & Dance

West African Drum and Dance in Victoria BC


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Wontanara is available for a variety of workshops in both dancing and drumming. See our workshop descriptions for a list of all the types of classes and workshops that we offer.

All workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities so that everyone is included in the rewarding experience of learning traditional dance moves and drum rhythms and patterns!

African dance and drum workshops are a great way to inspire and educate, empower and build community as well as tear down cultural barriers, prejudices and ignorance. We welcome everyone into our workshops and provide a safe environment for all of our students and participants.


Wontanara is available for School Performances and Workshops. We have experience teaching and performing in many schools in the Greater Victoria area for children from kindergarten level to high school senior level. We love sharing our knowledge and passion with curious and enthusiastic youth of all ages and enjoy sharing West African culture with the students.

We also offer classes for students in school dance programs and can even work with your students to set an African dance piece in your school’s dance recitals or special event.

To have Wontanara come to your school for a performance and/or a dance or drumming workshop please contact us.